Archie Rose X St Ali Blasphemy Coffee Whisky 700ml

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Archie Rose, brings you Blasphemy, a Coffee Whisky spirit that mixes our award-winning single malt whisky and St. Ali orthodox and wide awake Coffee. Blasphemy may seem like a radical act on the part of purists to subvert these two liquid obsessions, but when one tastes the spirit and understands the production processes, one sees the wisdom in the act. Blasphemy features a unique Archie Rose six malt mash bill as well as a number of ST. Ali blends. Coffee notes enhance Single Malt Whisky's chocolate and specialty roasted malt notes and as a result, the overall flavor profile is even more complex and distinct than it was before. This single malt has notes of stewed apples, plum jam, and fresh berries after that cream caramel is followed by roasted hazelnuts, amaretto, and dark chocolate.

Size | 700ml
Style | Whisky
Country | Australia
Standard Drinks | 22.1
Case Size | 1 Bottle Brand Name | Archie Rose
Alcohol Contains | 40%


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