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The Benriach 10 YO Curiositas Peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL @ 46% abv 

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Tasting Notes

Just a bunch of Scottish refineries still make their own particular malt. One of them is Benriach. The maltings remain close to the refinery and two times per week the prize grain is conveyed to be soaks, spread and raked until the point that it starts to grow. Delicate warmth at that point works its enchantment and the crude grain turns into the basic element of a Scotch Malt Whisky. The refinery administrator regulates the moderate and think creating procedure of BenRiach whisky – dealing with the change from malted grain to wash, to refined soul and into top notch oak barrels, some sourced from the considerable sherry bodegas of Spain. Re opening in 1965 following a multi year nonattendance from the market, the Benriach refinery was basically remade by The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd. in 1985 and developed to four stills. Its item is very respected by blenders and has been accessible as an 'official' single malt packaging just since 1994.

Benriach "Curiositas" utilizes an intensely peated malted grain as the oat varietal to create a one of a kind, crisp, peated articulation. This uncommon peated single malt, from the Heartland of Speyside, has great hints of peat smell, consolidated shrewdly with a foundation of fruity, flower, heathery notes and an engaging nearness of oak wood in the wrap up. Traditionalists trust that peated malts accomplish ideal adjust of peat-self-contradicting and oak imbuement, following 10 long stretches of development. Actually peated BenRiach is an arrival to the first Speyside character and kind of malts commonplace of the nineteenth century - an unmistakable and welcome expansion to the Speyside scene.

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