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1800 Tequila (1000mL)

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1800 Tequila (1000mL)
In stock
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1800 Tequila's Silver expression is a unique blend of two distinct liquids. One of these components is gently aged in barrels, resulting in a light straw color, while the other remains unaged and completely transparent. This difference in liquid color is the defining characteristic of 1800 Silver.

 The year 1800 holds special significance for tequila, as it marks the very first time this spirit was aged in oak barrels. 1800 Tequila celebrates this historic date when tequila dared to break from tradition, ultimately achieving a smoother and more characterful profile. A place where the spirit is meant to be savored, not just slammed.

 To this day, 1800's Master Distiller meticulously selects the finest oak woods to craft the smooth and distinctive taste found within the 1800 range of 100% blue agave tequila. 1800 Silver is an incredibly versatile spirit, perfect for mixing into various cocktails, but it can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks with a twist of lime.

 The birth of true Tequila can be traced back to the year 1800, when the very first drops of this exceptional spirit flowed from our Copper Pot stills. This milestone is celebrated with Tequila Reserva 1800.

 1800 Silver proudly bears the mark of 100% Agave, a testament to our commitment to producing the finest tequila, encapsulating the essence of Mexico's tequila-making tradition.

Country:                                                          Mexico                                                   
Brand: 1800
Alcohol Volume: 38.0%
Size: 1000mL
Age: NAS
Style: Blanco Tequila

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