Hop Sparkling Seltzer

Derived from hops, the same ingredient used in brewing beer, this alcohol-free alternative offers a refreshing and flavorful experience without the intoxicating effects. 

Non-alcoholic hop water is crafted using a process that harnesses the natural flavours and aromas of hops. It typically begins with high-quality hops sourced from reputable growers. The hops are then carefully steeped in hot water, allowing the natural compounds to infuse into the liquid. The resulting hop-infused water is then filtered to remove any solid particles, resulting in a clear and flavorful base.

Non-alcoholic hop water provides a viable alternative to beer, especially for individuals who desire a distinctive hop flavour without the alcohol content. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing taste of hops without compromising sobriety or dealing with potential side effects associated with alcohol consumption.

For those looking to reduce their alcohol intake or abstain entirely, non-alcoholic hop water can mimic the experience of enjoying a beer. The hop-forward flavour profile, combined with the carbonation, creates a satisfying sensory experience.