About us

An equal level playing field for liquor and non-alcoholic boutique and small businesses is unfortunately very hard to come by in the e-commerce retail space. Too often we see that small boutique retailers, wineries, breweries and distilleries are either unable, unwilling, too small, too niche, only have a small product offering, or simply rejected to stock their products by the large, dominant chain retailers.

These barriers to entry are what triggered Founder and CEO, Shlomo Di Veroli to launch CellarsMarket - the first true pure-play platform for sellers irrespective of size to give their products more exposure to potential customers. By doing so, we offer easy access to a range of thousands of products including old time favourites and emerging beverages. With more than 20 years experience in building and managing e-commerce businesses and more than 40 years of traditional business experience in FMCG, wine and liqueurs, Shlomo is passionate about helping small producers succeed online.

Head of Operations, Miriam Agranat is equally passionate about connecting Aussie retailers, wineries, breweries and distilleries to consumers. With a background in commercial law and experience in an Australian venture-capital, Miriam is driven toward disruptive markets and is determined to make an impact and change. At CellarsMarket, Miriam’s mission is to ensure that these local voices are heard and seen by the Aussie public, and likewise to allow the Aussie public to access these unique products.

The public is ripe and eager to enjoy and reap the benefits of Australia’s ever growing niche liquor and non-alcoholic offerings. Now is the time!