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Need assistance with your order?

For an order related query, the most efficient way is to contact the Seller you ordered from directly. They will assist you with your enquiry.

  1. Login to your Orders page.
  2. Find your listed order. You can also double-check details about your order.
  3. If you need further help click on the "Contact Seller" link to send the Seller your message

You will receive their response by email and a copy will also appear in your Cellars Market inbox. Our Sellers aim to reply to all messages quickly and efficiently.

Delivery Tracking

Detailed delivery tracking information about your order can be seen here.

If your order has been delayed please note that Sellers and logistic companies they work with, such as Australia Post endeavour to meet estimated delivery dates. However, at times delays can occur due to third parties or circumstances outside of Sellers’ control.

Have a question about a product?

Search the product on Cellars Market and if your question is not covered by the product information on that page, then click on the "Contact the Seller" button to directly message them. You will be prompted to login so that you can receive their reply via email.

Cellars Market is not the producer, manufacturer or retailer nor holds any stock. The information that we have is the product description provided by the Seller.

Need help with something else?

Use the Contact Us form on this page to message us and we'll reply as fast as possible.

Please avoid using Hotmail or a email address to prevent our emails to you from going to spam.