Altina Liberate Collection: Essence of Australia Bundle

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Introducing the Essence of Australia Bundle, a premier selection from Altina's Liberate Collection, designed for the discerning palate seeking a journey through Australia's rich botanical heritage without alcohol. Each offering within this collection captures the essence of Australia's wine regions, presenting a sophisticated alcohol-free alternative that evokes the complexity and richness of Australian Wine.

2x ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc 750ml is a refreshing non-alcoholic wine that brings the zesty and vibrant notes of Finger Lime to the fore. Paired with the crispness of Sauvignon Blanc, this beverage offers a tantalising taste experience, reminiscent of Australia's lush rainforests and vibrant citrus groves.

2x Altina Kakadu Plum Rosé 750ml embodies the spirit of the Australian outback, with the Kakadu Plum providing a tart and refreshing twist to the classic Rosé profile. This drink is a homage to the ancient landscapes and rich biodiversity of Australia, offering a light, fruity, and utterly refreshing non-alcoholic wine option.

2x ALTINA Pepperberry Shiraz 750ml rounds out the collection with its bold and spicy character, derived from the native Pepperberry. This non-alcoholic Shiraz is a robust, full-bodied experience that pays tribute to Australia's wild heart, delivering deep berry flavours with a hint of earthy spice.

The Essence of Australia Bundle is more than just a selection of non-alcoholic wines; it's an invitation to explore the unique tastes of Australia, responsibly crafted by Altina. Perfect for those looking to enjoy the complexities of wine without the alcohol, this bundle is ideal for celebrations, gifts, or simply indulging in the pleasures of fine wine.

Celebrate the Essence of Australia with this exquisite bundle, and let Altina's Liberate Collection take you on a memorable, alcohol-free journey through the heart of Australia's natural beauty.

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