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Avallen Calvados Brandy 700ml

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Noble Spirits is an Australian based company that imports and distributes fine authentic spirits and wine in Australia. “Noble” was established in late 2013, in recognition of the growing aspiration of Australian consumers who appreciate a more genuine experience and higher quality alcoholic beverages.
Australian’s are becoming increasingly discerning about what they choose to eat and drink. There is a clear demand for more authentic drinks, which bring a positive impact to people and the community. This shift in thinking is at the heart of Noble Spirits.

We are a young and passionate company, positioned at the high-end of alcohol brands. Our mission is to enrich alcohol brand choices for consumers and bring greater value to customers.

We are the proud partner of great authentic producers sourced locally and from around the globe and we are continuously on the hunt to expand our portfolio with like-minded brands.

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Avallen Calvados Brandy 700ml
In stock
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Avallen embodies the delightful intersection of flavour and sustainability. We celebrate the essence of apples by meticulously selecting 40 distinct varieties from 300 orchards, resulting in our exquisite floral and fruit-forward Calvados. Even our labels are crafted from apples, a testament to our deep admiration for these remarkable fruits!


Avallen dares to be different. It is a refreshing and apple-centric Calvados, proudly produced in the picturesque West of Normandy, France. In an industry largely dominated by traditional producers and mature spirits, Avallen represents a youthful, invigorating future. Our commitment to the planet is at the core of our brand, with no added sugar, minimal processing, and a steadfast dedication to preserving biodiversity within the orchards. What makes Avallen planet-positive also makes it an absolute delight to the taste buds. It's a win for both the planet and your palate!

Apples are the heart and soul of Avallen, sourced from 300 orchards and encompassing a diverse range of 40 distinct varieties. We are so enamoured by apples that we even use them to create our labels!

Whether you're a gin aficionado who enjoys a long drink with tonic, a fan of rich and brown spirits, or a lover of fruity cocktails, Avallen is perfect for mixing, as a refreshing spirit, or simply for sipping.

Immerse yourself in the world of Avallen and discover a multitude of ways to enjoy our exceptional spirit. For gin enthusiasts, Avallen pairs wonderfully with tonic water, creating a refreshing and invigorating drink that showcases the unique apple-forward profile. If you prefer richer and deeper flavours, Avallen stands proudly alongside brown spirits, adding a touch of fruity complexity to your favourite whiskey or rum cocktails. And for those who appreciate the pure essence of our Calvados, savour it slowly, allowing each sip to reveal the intricate layers of floral notes and fruitiness.

Avallen isn't just a spirit; it's a celebration of sustainable practices and a commitment to the environment. By choosing Avallen, you are supporting our mission to protect and nurture biodiversity within the orchards. Our dedication to minimal processing and no added sugar ensures that you experience the true essence of the apples in every bottle.

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavour and sustainability with Avallen. Whether you're seeking a versatile mixer, an intriguing addition to your favourite cocktails, or a spirit to savour on its own, Avallen is the embodiment of a harmonious balance between taste and environmental consciousness. Join us on this remarkable journey and raise your glass to a brighter and more flavorful future with Avallen.

A natural apple brandy from Normandy made from nothing but apples, water and time, meaning with Avallen you can enjoy a delightfully refreshing drink – without giving the planet a hangover!

Every bottle made removes 2.73kg of CO2e from our atmosphere (without external offsetting). That’s the equivalent of driving 21km in an average car – keeping our planet as crisp as your drink!

Avallen is a Certified B Corp and ‘1% For the Planet’ member, donating to organisations protecting wild bee populations.

Flavour Notes:

Fresh apples with floral honeysuckle

A lingering toffee apple finish

Richly warming with a hint of vanilla custard

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