Bacardi Reserva Limitada Dark Rum 1L

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Individually bottled. numbered and sealed with a cork. Bacardí Reserva Limitada consists of the finest Bacardí Rums. They have been rested in lightly charred American white oak barrels to develop the harmony of elegant and complex flavors that only extended aging can deliver.

Each barrel is hand-selected for its durability and is periodically inspected to ensure that it imparts exceptionally developed flavors to the spirit. The result is a remarkable. deep golden-hued rum with dark reddish undertones. redolent of the exquisite aromas of vanilla. oak and dried fruits. With its rich. smooth taste and velvety finish. this rum is ideal for sipping neat in congenial company.

" A light nose, with hints of brown sugar, vanilla, oak and fruit leathers. In the mouth, an initial note of brown sugar and vanilla gives way to hints of dried apricot and plum before a big cinnamon rush. After the cinnamon recedes, nice oak and caramel-flan flavors emerge, before ending with an exotic floral note reminiscent of tropical orchids and a gentle brewed-coffee flavor." - Distiller Staff, Distiller

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