Balmain Barmaid Foraged Fruit Drink Infusions (6 sachets in a box)

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The Balmain Barmaid – adding theatre, romance and taste sensations to home bars, date nights and special occasions across the globe. 

The products are chic, elegant and remain simplistic in their user-friendly design.

Whether it be smoking cheese a cocktail on date night for a loved one in your own home or on the go. Crafting endless cocktails for guests with a box of instant drink infusions. Gifting a jar of citrus garnish to a loved one or impressing your guests at your next dinner party. There is something for everyone at The Balmain Barmaid!

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The Balmain Barmaid Foraged Fruit Drink Infusions (6 sachets in a box)

Up your drinks game with Foraged Fruit. Consisting of six instant cocktail or mocktail sachets.

Simply empty sachet contents into a glass. Top up with your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of choice and watch your drink transform into a delicious, aromatic and exotic cocktail or mocktail. 

The Foraged Fruit Drink Infusion is not only delicious, it is stunning with its ever-transforming ruby red appearance.
Native muntries provide chic, on-trend apple berry notes and strawberries add a hint of sweetness, all balanced perfectly by slightly sour quandongs. This infusion will be adored! 

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