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Welcome to Bondi Liquor Co, the first operating distillery based in the heart of Bondi Beach. All our products are distilled onsite making us truly “Bondi Original”.

Born out of a love of the liquor industry, 3 mates Ben, Adrian and Will have brought together years of experience from across hospitality, distribution and alcohol production to form our vision of what Bondi means to us. Our products are simple and clean and where possible we use organic and Australian grown botanicals. Sometimes that is not possible, so whilst we maintain the utmost in social responsibility, we will always put flavour and quality above all else.

Our ethos is to enjoy life, and whilst we are advocates of responsible drinking, we love the friendships and conversations that happen where a glass or two is being enjoyed. Another gin?

We are proud of the fact we are the first and only distillery in Bondi. We feel it is important that if you are going to call yourself something, then you need to live and breathe it. People are often surprised when they learn that all our products are distilled onsite in Bondi – well, we wouldn’t be Bondi Liquor Co if we didn’t!

We also source our base ethanol from Tarac Industries which has sustainability at the forefront. Tarac takes the grape marque from wineries which is often hard to dispose of due to it containing traces of alcohol in the skins and stems of crushed grapes. Tarac takes this waste product and repurpose it by extracting any remaining alcohol into an extremely pure base ethanol that is ideal for distilling spirits. The treated grape marque is then able to be on-sold as feedstock. A great story of turning a waste product into two reuse products.