God By Godet Cask Super Strength VSOP Cognac + 2 Glasses Gift Set 350mL

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The most powerful cognac ever released (70,6%). Alambic strength, single barrel, single cru, unclassifiable cognac.

GOD is a cognac of a new genre; cask SUPER strength.

Since distillation, this cognac has been in only 1 barrel, not seen daylight, not seen another cognac or diluted with water. No caramel or sugar added and no blending before bottling.

God is as raw as it is pure. The only alteration is due to time in wood & the angels.
The exceptionally high alcohol content (TAV) of these cognacs makes them dangerous if not handled with care and drank responsibly.

It is advised to water them down, with cold and pure water before sipping.
We called these new cognacs "GOD" in reference to the alcohol the Angels will never get.

Aging: 4 years in French Oak barrel

Blending : 100% Petite Champagne

Tasting: Unctuous and supple in the mouth. Powerful and long finish.
An internal fire lighting up a unique experience.

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