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Jameson Crested With Gift Box Blended Irish Whiskey 700mL

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Though it’s not the boring type of history. More of a great story. So what is Jameson Crested? Well you might remember Jameson Ten? Or Crested Ten? We dropped that name, but the score remains.

So, anyway, the story behind this historic Irish spirit. You see, we didn’t bottle our whiskey until the 1960s, and we’ve always gone a step further. Maturing longer than we need to. Going further afield, for the best barrels. Jameson Crested is a celebration of all that and a tribute to the first drops we bottled back in Bow Street. It’s having the bottle to do our own thing.

"The makeover of the cult classic Crested Ten is hot on the nose but subdued with sweet maple butter and toffee. Pepper and ginger-spice puff from the bottle. Then it’s vanilla popping into silky honey and dried fruits in the mouth. The finish hits with a confident sherry scorched wood." - Blair Phillips, Distiller

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