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POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling 750ml

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About Us

At Azora Wines, we take pride in being the premier destination for wine enthusiasts in Australia, offering a unique and unparalleled selection of wines hailing from the ancient land of Armenia. As a passionate team of wine connoisseurs, we are committed to bringing you the best flavours and experiences from this historic winemaking region.

Explore the Rich Heritage of Armenian Wines

Armenia, nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has a winemaking tradition dating back millennia. With its diverse landscapes, fertile soil, and unique grape varietals, the country has become an emerging force in the global wine industry. At Azora Wines, we specialize in curating the finest selection of wines that reflect the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Armenian winemakers.

Step into the world of Azora Wines, and embark on a wine journey like no other. Experience the rich cultural tapestry and history of Armenia through the flavours of our wines. Whether you are looking for a familiar favourite or a daring new discovery, we invite you to indulge your senses and explore the magic of Armenian wines with us.

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POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling 750ml
In stock
(0 reviews) Write a Customer Review

POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling

Welcome to the world of refined indulgence and captivating flavours with the renowned POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling Armenian Wine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sparkling wine promises an exquisite journey for your senses, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and tropical splendour.

A Visual Delight

The first impression of POM-X Mango is as enchanting as the wine itself. With its straw-yellow hue and an elegant display of bubbles, this sparkling wine captures your attention even before the first sip. The visual allure hints at the exhilarating experience that awaits, promising a celebration of taste, aroma, and texture.

A Symphony of Aromas

Prepare to be enticed by the symphony of aromas that dance from the glass. The seductive fragrance beckons with alluring tones of ripe tropical fruits, and at its heart, the juicy aroma of mango takes the lead. The tropical notes are so vivid and enticing that you can almost feel the warm sun on your skin and the gentle breeze of a far-off paradise. POM-X Mango's aroma is an invitation to explore the depth of its character and the vibrancy of its origin.

Captivating Mango Embrace

As the wine graces your palate, the captivating mango flavour takes centre stage. The juicy sweetness of the mango unfolds like a lush tapestry, enveloping your taste buds in a wave of tropical delight. Each sip is an exploration of this exquisite fruit, delivering a sensation that is as refreshing as it is enticing. The semi-sweet nature of the wine strikes a harmonious balance, allowing the mango to shine without overwhelming the palate.

A Culinary Canvas

POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling is not just a wine; it's a canvas upon which culinary artistry can flourish. Whether enjoyed as a delightful digestif or paired with desserts, this wine transforms dining into an experience of elegance and indulgence. Imagine the delightful contrast of sipping POM-X Mango after a hearty meal or relishing its tropical charm alongside your favourite desserts. The wine's versatility elevates every moment into a symphony of taste.

Celebrate with Flair

With an alcohol by volume (ALC/VOL) of 8%, POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling embodies the spirit of celebration. Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply creating cherished memories, this sparkling wine adds a touch of elegance to every moment. Its gentle effervescence enlivens the senses, making each sip a toast to life's joyful moments.

An Ode to Armenian Artistry

At the heart of POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling is the dedication to Armenian winemaking heritage. Each bottle reflects the craftsmanship and passion of the vintners who have carefully crafted this masterpiece. The result is a wine that encapsulates the essence of Armenia's viticultural tradition while inviting you to explore new dimensions of flavour and sensation.

Embrace the Essence of POM-X Mango

POM-X Mango Semi-Sweet Sparkling Armenian Wine invites you to embrace a world of tropical allure and refined taste. With its captivating mango aroma, semi-sweet profile, and elegant effervescence, this wine promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether paired with desserts or enjoyed on its own, POM-X Mango invites you to celebrate life's moments with flair and sophistication.

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