The Zythologist For the Love of Pils Czech Pilsner

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The Zythologist is a science-based brewery and analytical testing company. This means we not only make unique combinations of flavour molecules in beer, but also help craft breweries improve their beers and processes.

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The Zythologist For the Love of Pils Czech Pilsner

Brewed to pay homage to our little furry friend Pils and to raise funds for animal rescue and intensive care, For the Love of Pils is made true to style using a combination of the best quality ingredients and strict process control using our refined brewing expertise. Bohemian floor malted pilsner malt gives this beer a clean yet characteristic malt backbone to allow for subtle floral and spicy notes from traditional Saaz and Spalt hops to shine. Brewed with fresh liquid Pilsen yeast from local yeast masters, Bluestone yeast, the fermentation profile is as clean and pure as our love for pils.

50% of all proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to New Beginnings Animal Rescue to help other animals in need get a second shot at life that they so rightly deserve.

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops and Yeast.

Malt variety: Bohemian floor malted pilsner

Hops species: Czech Saaz and Spalt select

Yeast strain: Pilsen by Bluestone (Melbourne)

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