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The Zythologist Mangonium Mango & Tamarind Sour

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The Zythologist is a science-based brewery and analytical testing company. This means we not only make unique combinations of flavour molecules in beer, but also help craft breweries improve their beers and processes.

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The Zythologist Mangonium Mango & Tamarind Sour (5.6%)

Esters are chemical compounds that provide a ‘fruity’ aroma to beer. In 1960, John E. Hodge reported for the first time a very specific type of ester: HDMF. This compound is produced during brewing through the Maillard reaction (see our beer Bromium for more info on this reaction). HDMF is the main contributor to the sweet aroma in mangoes. We combined mango nectar with the tartaric acid in tamarind pulp to create a perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and sour. A Berliner Weisse with mango as the element of focus makes the latest addition to our periodic table of beer.

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops, Yeast, Lactose, Mangoes and Tamarind.

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