The Zythologist Momentum Breakfast Stout

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The Zythologist is a science-based brewery and analytical testing company. This means we not only make unique combinations of flavour molecules in beer, but also help craft breweries improve their beers and processes.

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The Zythologist Momentum Breakfast Stout (7.1%)

Momentum can be understood as mass in motion. Buridan built on the ideas of Philoponus and Avicenna to define momentum as “impetus”, being proportional to the weight times the speed and only reduced by opposing forces. As parts of the equation, The Zythologist created the mass and Ranges Coffee incorporated the velocity to move this beer into momentum. Maple, cacao, vanilla, and dark malts are sped up with the caffeine to start the day with this breakfast stout and get in motion. There’s no opposing force that can stop you now!

Brewed with Single Origin coffee from Ranges Coffee located in the Yarra Valley.

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops, Yeast, Lactose, Cacao, Coffee, Vanilla & Maple.

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